Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Food in Trixie

Am I the only one who's ever noticed how much they EAT in Trixie? It starts in book 1, when Honey has cook pack a large lunch with chicken and pie and all sorts of goodies. (Also, while I'm thinking about it, imagine how disgusting it would be to eat lunch on that filthy old mattress!) But it's true: they're always eating, especially that certain blonde Belden boy. There's always some kind of good meal going on. Some of the memorable ones I can think of are Mrs. Smith's cake and grape juice, the meal made in Blinking Eye, the Cobbett's Island Clambake and don't forget Mrs. Vanderpoel's windmill cookies! Also, what ARE windmill cookies? Was that just the name of the recipe, or were they windmill shaped or something? I never quite got that. Oh, and I can't not mention (is that the right grammar?) Mart's infamous "bulimia" misuse!

Even though sometimes I think the use of food goes a bit over the top in some of the books, I still love it. It's very homey feeling in most of the books and there's such nice description. It's like that old saying: don't grocery shop on an empty stomach, but for Trixie fans: don't read a Trixie on a empty stomach!



  1. My favourite food image from the Trixie series is the Purple Turnip Restaurant.
    I'm curious about windmill cookies too.


  2. Ooh, I forgot about the Purple Turnip! I love Mart's bet that he would come away still hungry.

  3. It's not an elaborate food, but I remember the popcorn they popped at Diana's in The Mysterious Visitor - that scene before the fire gave it that "homey," cozy feel and you're right, that's definitely a Trixie kind of moment.

    There's also a hamburger cooking scene at Crabapple Farm I liked, but I couldn't find it for the life of me. Someone (probably Mrs. Belden) has a special recipe for hamburgers and after the meal they play some kind of game and Trixie forfeits and has to sing The Star-Spangled Banner.

  4. I remember that one. The one you are thinking of is in Mysterious Visitor. It's one of those wonderful scenes where you really want to dive into the story and be right there with the gang.

  5. Hi Rachel - Yeah, I remembered that the popcorn is from the Mysterious Visitor. What I don't remember is which one the special Crabapple Farm hamburgers were in. It's one of the earlier KK-authored volumes, but I don't know which one.

  6. Whoops, meant to say Mysterious Code instead. That's the one with the hamburgers. I was thinking Mysterious Code and typed the wrong thing. Sorry!