Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Mystery of the Castaway Children

I just reread today the Mystery of the Castaway Children, and I wrote my review on it for Zap's Clubhouse. For anyone who doesn't frequent the Clubhouse, I'll post my review here for y'all!

Wow. This is quite a book. I just reread this one today (I'm back on my Trixie kick!), and it almost made me cry. To me, Davy reminded me of 8 year old Jim. Not necessarily with that situation, but I felt that Jim would feel a sense of responsibility to protect his little brother, no matter what.
Poor, poor Dodgy. I just feel so horrible for that baby, and for Davy too.
I LOVED the part when Trixie realizes that Davy, not Bobby was bending over the baby at the end. It was a great, terrifying moment, and it's fun to be able to put these things together for yourself. If you've been reading carefully, you see "Trixie yelled to the red shirt bending over Dodgy's crib", and then "Bobby's white t shirt was a blur beside her". (I'm paraphrasing; not sure of the actual words). Then you get to think to yourself "Wait...go back." and have a little detective moment. This KK did a nice job of setting up the mystery.

Dan with Dodgy holding his finger is SO CUTE. I think Dan would be a great father someday (in my mind, he and Trixie wind up married), and be the cool dad, yet always around when his kids need him.

Di. I love Di in this book. She's fairly intelligent, and even has a sense of humor with the whole "see if he sizzles" thing. Di's actually an integral part of this book, and this KK portrayed her well.

One more thing: Davy is said to be slightly younger than Bobby. If Bobby is still 6, that makes Davy around 5 or 6. I don't see a 5 or 6 year old having the courage or the skills to keep themselves and a baby safe in the woods. I picture Davy being around 8, which means he is OLDER than Bobby, not younger. But then again, Bobby acts older in this book as well. If this KK had continued, I can see Bobby actually acting his age, or potentially even aging along with the rest of the characters! Wink

So there's my review! I hope you enjoyed it. Next up is Mead's Mountain!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Secretariat reminiscent of Mystery in Saratoga?

Recently, I went to see the movie "Secretariat" in the movie theater with my dad and sister. When I was in the movie, I was reminded many times of Trixie and Honey in Saratoga, in Trixie #24. This had to do with the location of the movie, as well as all the talk of horse racing and explanations of the various tracks that were brought up in Trixie. Not only that, but the man selected to play Ronnie, the jockey, reminded me quite a bit of Regan in his mannerisms, humor, and facial expressions. (Yes, I know we haven't really seen Regan. Just bear with me, alrighty?) So, call me a Trixie freak if you will, but I enjoyed thinking to myself, "Yup, they mentioned that in Trixie" or "Oh yeah! I remember that!"

BTW, if you have not seen Secretariat, DO SO. Do whatever it takes, just go. It was amazing, I loved it, and it was definitely worth seeing. A 5 toes up movie!